Cooperation Agreement

13 August 2022


An agreement has been signed between the International Group for Management and Human Resources (MHR), represented by Dr. Hassan Al-Nouri, and Nizam Company for Exhibitions and Conferences, represented by Mr. Ali Nizam concerning the desire of both parties to cooperate in order to develop the future of the oil and gas industry and services in Syria and in the region.

Depending on the fact that MHR, has the experience and the international relations in development, management and qualification and as Nizam company obtained the international experience in organizing exhibitions and conferences who will organize “Syria International Exhibition for Oil and Gas Industries and Services (SOG2023)” which will be held at Damascus International Fairgrounds from 1 – 4 March, 2023.


The main objective of this agreement for the time being will cover the preparation and the establishment of a work forum under the supervision of The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources entitled

” The developing of the human resources and the administrative systems in the oil establishments” in order to apply the future of the oil and gas industries in Syria and in the whole region, and developing the investment in the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry and services, in addition to setting up work forums in (Russia – Iran – Serbia – Belarus – Kazakhstan – Iraq and UAE) under the title of “Future Investment Horizons in Syria for Oil and Gas Industry”

An international conference will accompany SOG 2023 under the title “The Promising Future Opportunities in Syria For Investment of Oil and Gas Industry and Services, and all interested businessmen and international oil and gas companies will be invited to participate in the above-mentioned conference and the exhibition of SOG 2023.